Wine-guide course


Zsombor Kaári-Kabay,

oenologist and sommelier

It is possible to chose a la carte, and in the case of a bigger group (15 people), preparing a mixed plate or a wine lunch/dinner. Price is depending on the size of the group.

Part 1 (90 minutes)

What you need to know about grapes and wine
Grape history
Production technology
Species guide
10 minute break

Part 2 (90 minutes)

How to taste

How?... The basics of proper tasting

Foods and wine that go together

Part 3 (90 minutes)

Wine-tasting (6 types of wine) along with a winery-tour.

Lunch or dinner offer:
3.500 HUF/person

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Creating a group-cuvée

Creating the perfect cuvée from 3 types of wine, which can be bottled, labeled and taken away. Th program can also include identification-by-smell, identification of  a wine, partaking in a wine questionnaire, if you’d like.

At least 15 people need to partake.
Price: 4.000 HUF/person


The 8 rooms of the hotel are available to use.  15.900 HUF/2 people/night with breakfast + touristic tax

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