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The possibilities are endless when it comes to the organization of the wedding.

Stunning Danube panorama, vineyards, the view of the Gerecse mountain, rosé-coloured sunset… just a few natural beauties around here to mention.


Hilltop esküvői képek webre 6

Hilltop esküvői képek webre 5

Numerous event places to choose from:

  • 2.000 m2 landscaped area
  • top-of-the-hill, grassy are which can be suitable for tented weddings and as such can accomodate up to 500 people
  • paved event place which is suitable for 250-300 people
  • the great hall with panorama (and AC) can accomodate 170 people
  • small hall for 30 people
  • terrace covered in vine: up to 50 people
  • rooms with Danube panorama
  • Provence-styled guest-house with grill terrace
  • outside pool with a stunning panorama
  • viewpoint



The event-places are available either individually or combined. The whole hilltop can be rented exclusively if you want it so. You may just use the restaurant as the event place and bring in the catering and the drinks but you can also use our restaurant services either completely or partially.

The dinner will be made unforgettable by our chef’s menu ideas, but you can also share your ideas regarding the dinner. We also take the ones with food allergies etc in account.

The dinner will be made unforgettable by our chef’s menu ideas, but you can also share your ideas regarding the dinner. We also take the ones with food allergies, special diets etc in account.


As for the drink menu, you can choose from a wide range of drinks, note our home-made, icy drinks with lots of fruit and herbs from our garden and naturally, the perfect wines of HILLTOP.

MenuDrink menu


Our team is experienced and the staff is friendly and helpful.

We also undertake the organization of luxury dream-weddings, where the entire hill and restaurant are yours with full staff, and with premium menus for the big day.


An offer personally tailored for you

For the organization of unique needs and ideas please contact us either in person or through email.

We are available all year.




Hilltop Winehotel and Restaurant which is just an 1-hour ride from Budapest is also the perfect venue for company events.

AThe Restaurant, enclosed by the Danube and mount Gerecse can accomodate conferences and workshops while providing full technological background.


Besides the meeting, we can also organize team.building activities, winery-visiting, wine-tasting, the group making a cuvée, wine-guide course, pig-feast with wine, programs around the vine-harvest.

  • Projector
  • Flipchart
  • Internet connection
  • AC
  • If needed:
  • Freshly grounded and made coffee
  • Homemade refreshments


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  • Exclusive use of the pool by the groups
  • Grilling possibility
  • Wine tasting in the largest winery using reductive technology int he country
  • Wine dinners
  • Champagne dinners using the special champagnes of Garamvári Vineyard
  • Team-building activities either inside or outside
  • Creating a cuvée



Fantastic surroundings, tasty meals, outstanding wines make the program unforgettable.

Ask for a unique offer
either in email or the following number


Mukliné G. Györgyi


+36 70 772 6663