Our offer for pig-feast with wine

The pig-feast offer of

Hilltop Winehotel and Restaurant

We await you and your group on the top of Meleges Hill during every winter season for an active program with grape-palinka, mulled wine, wine-tasting and traditional pig-feast meals.


Awaiting guests 8 am – 9 am
Good monring! Hilltop pomace palinka
fresh, warm scones
homemade garlic toast and french toast
arrival of the pig and the butcher

Partaking in the pig slaughter with the help of a professional

You can also partake in driving around in a carriage or visiting the winery.

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Snack-time 10 am – 11 am: Freshly roasted pork with fresh homemade bread, pickled vegetables

Lunch from noon: „Pig-feast cabbage”, roasted pork, roasted potato, homemade mixed pickles

Dinner from 6 pm: Pig spleen soup, the sausages filled by the team with parsley potato and stewed vegetables. Neszmély strudle.

At least 10 people are needed for the program.

10-19 people: 17.000 HUF/person
20-29 people: 15.000 HUF/person
30+ : 13.000 HUF/person

The program of course can be varied depending on the group.

Mukliné G. Györgyi


+36 70 772 6663