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Gastronomy and noble wines go hand in hand. Our chefs personally take care that the dishes are harmonizing well with our tasty wines. The Restaurant follows th ebest traditions of Hungarian cuisine, including local specialties.

the chef

The master of tastes and compositions

Sándor Király

Sándor Király


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Duck 'greasy board' with crispy onion (1,13) 990,-
The "board" - homemade ham, mangalica sausage, duck cracklings, cheese, freshly baked goods (4,11;12;13) 2.990,-
Local cheese - 3 types, walnuts (3;4,6;11;13) 2.550,-
Local cheese - 6 types, walnuts, fresh and dried fruit (3;4,6;11;13) 4.150,-


Salad with vegetables from the market, pumpkin seeds and pickled radishes (13) 2.690.-
Paleo chicken soup (5) 950.-
Chicken breast with "cauliflower steak", mushrooms, parsnips and cucumber (3,4;5;6;13) 2.750.-
Coconut tapioca pudding with honeyed plum 990.-


Baked tiger prawns on salad nest with Japanese mayonnaise (1;6;8;9;13;14) 2.790.-
Borajánlásunk: Neszmélyi Királyleányka, Prémium Neszmélyi Cserszegi Fűszeres
Pumpkin risotto with goat cheese, beetroot jelly (3;4;5;6;11;13) 2790.-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium IHLET Cuvée
Duck cracklings on a 'greasy board' with crispy onion (1;13) 990.-
Duck liver terrine with bacon jam, wine vinegar radishes and beetroot (12;13) 3.590,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Pinot Noir Rosé
The "board"- homemade ham, mangalica sausage, duck lard with cracklings, cheese, fresh bakery goods (4;11;12;13) 2.990,-


Pumpkin cream soup with seed – oil (4;5;13) 1090.-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium IHLET Cuvée
Hilltop wine soup with dried fruit (4;13) 1.090.-
Borajánlásunk: Neszmélyi Irsai Olivér, Prémium Neszmélyi Sárgamuskotály
Meleges-hill chicken broth in a cup / bowl (1;2;5;10) 950.- / 1.490,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Olaszrizling
Catfish soup in a cauldron (5;9) 1.990.-
Borajánlásunk: Szekszárdi Cabernet Sauvignon
Deer goulash with potato dumplings in a cup / bowl (1;2;5;12;13) 1.390.- / 2.450,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Merlot


Salmon fillet with baby spinach-Chardonnay risotto, truffle oil, with soured pearl onion (4;8;9;10;13) 3.990.-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Chardonnay, Prémium Neszmélyi Pinot Gris
Salmon steak in citrus butter sauce, purple rice, broccoli, wasabi beetroot (3;4;5;6;9) 3.990,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium IHLET Cuvée
Catfish paprika with bacon curd cheese dumplings and sour cream foam (1;2;4,5;9;13) 3.590,-
Borajánlásunk: Szekszárdi Cabernet Sauvignon, Szekszárdi Merlot
Chicken breast with buttered pear matured in Hárslevelű, cheddar risotto with walnut oil (2;4;5;6;11;13) 3,150,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Olaszrizling
Crunchy breadcrumb-coated chicken breast with potato sticks, cucumber salad, spicy mayonnaise (1,2;3;4;6;8;9;10;11;12;13) 2.750,-
Borajánlásunk: Neszmélyi Olaszrizling
Chicken breast with orange parsnip puree, organic rice, market vegetable bites (4;5,6;10,12;13) 2.990,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Pinot Noir Rosé
Rabbit fillet roasted in bacon, butter sauce with capers, red beet, gnocchi (1,2,3;4;5,6;9;10,12,13) 3.990,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Chardonnay
Duck breast on pumpkin risotto, with cardamom plum, orange oil (4;5;6;11;12;13) 4.450,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Pinot Noir Rosé
Goose leg roast rosé, apple gelee, with curly cale and potato (4;13) 4.650,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Merlot
Mangalica steak Gypsy style, roasted potato, Japanese cucumber salad (6;12;13) 3.690,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Pinot Gris
Crispy tender piglet knuckle with roasted potatoes and homemade pickles (5;13) 3.490,-
Borajánlásunk: Szekszárdi Merlot
Red wine beef cheek goulash with roasted potato dumplings (1;2;5;12;13) 3.350,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Merlot
Beef steak with homemade mustard, fried potatoes, salad and sweet chili sauce (4;5;6;12;13) 6.990,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Merlot
Saddle of vennison with roasted parsley puree, chestnuts, cranberries, curly cale, potato dumplings (4;5,6;11;12;13) 8.250,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Baalbec Cuvée


Sweet potatoes (surcharge) 600.-


Meat broth with vegetables and noodles (1;2;5;10) 850,-
Chicken breast fried in breadcrumbs with French fries (1;2;3;4) 1.390,-
Pankóban sült hekk filé, jázmin rizzsel (1,2,3,4;9) 1.390,-
Palacsinta, de csak Nutellával (1 db) (1;2;3;4,11) 950,-


Salad leaves with grape seed oil and verjus (13) 1290.-
Wine vinegar cucumber salad (4;13) 850.-
Homemade cabbage salad (13) 690.-
Jalapeno peppers (hot) (13) 790.-


Cheesecake baked with Muscat, plum and wine custard (1;2;3;4,11) 1.490,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Sárgamuskotály
Chocolate sufflee with beetroot and raspberries (1;2;3;4;11;13) 1.090,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium Neszmélyi Merlot
Tapioca pudding with mango puree 990,-
Borajánlásunk: Prémium IHLET Cuvée
Pancake with Nutella (1;2;3;4;6;11,13) 1.390,-
Local cheese - 3 types, walnuts (3;4,6;11;13) 2.550,-
Local cheese - 6 types, walnuts, fresh and dried fruit (3;4,6;11;13) 4.150,-

According to the regulations of the National Consumer Protection Authority we are only allowed to serve our food as described in the menu.

We charge 70% of the price for half portions.

Our prices are in HUF and include VAT.

Our prices do not include the service charge.


1 - contains gluten

2 - contains egg

3 - contains peanuts

4 - contains milk and dairy products

5 - contains celery

6 - contains sesam

7 - Lupine contains lupine

8 - contains crustaceans

9 - contains fish

10 - contains soy-bean and soy-bean products

11 - contains nuts

12 - contains mustard

13 - contains sulfites

14 - contains molluscs

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